Thursday, July 16, 2009

Promises, Promises

I have been very unfaithful to my poor little blog over the years so I am now looking to fix that problem. Writing is not a strong point for me which makes the whole blogging thing very difficult. It is not for a lack of ideas, rather a lack of organization of my thoughts and spitting them out in a legible format. Maybe I should not have slept though all those classes at school. Whoda thunkit?!?

Things have changed in many ways since the time I started the Barbecue and Beer blog and I have a lot to talk about. I have gone from building a smoker for the backyard to competing in BBQ competitions to creating and building a marketable brand. All of this said, I have a lot of great things to blog about.

Now for the promise.. I promise to myself and to my poor little neglected blog that I will dedicate the time needed to create at least one blog entry per week about a BBQ or beer related issue. So, starting at this point I will start posting entries to the Barbecue and Beer blog as well as the Sograte BBQ Blog. K, that's it for now, see you soon!

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