Thursday, July 30, 2009

Atomic buffalo Turds, Revisited

Almost five years ago, I posted a recipe blog for the crazy spicy delicacy called Atomic Buffalo Turds here on the Barbecue and Beer blog. Since then, it has been featured on the White Trash BBQ blog and even The BBQ Report. After all this time, the Atomic Buffalo Turds post continues to be the most viewed post of the blog. While I am still not a great writer or photographer, both skills have improved since that time as well general BBQ knowledge and skills. It is humorous to look back at the post see how far I have come.

Beyond my own growth, the ABT recipe itself has also come a long way as well. There have been several blog posts featuring a similar recipe such as this one on Hogwild BBQ. Most recently, the talented crew at BBQ Addicts (home of The Original Bacon Explosion) has provided their new take on an old recipe. The photography and graphic design is much better for sure and the results look delicious!

ABT's continue to be a favorite of my family and friends as well. Rarely is there a fire in the smoker without some ABT's on the grates. Below are some pictures from one of the last cooks in a simplified version, minus the lil smokies. While there is always room for improvement, the photography has come a long way.

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