Thursday, July 02, 2009

"Life's a Pitch, Then You Buy It" - RIP Billy Mays

Every time I turned on the TV, this man was yelling at me about some life altering product. Some of these products became common house hold items. Whether or not you ever bought anything Billy Mays was selling, you were familiar with his face, his voice and his pitch.

In April of 2009 Discovery Channel launched a new series featuring this unique man and the team behind him called Pitchmen. In a single episode, Pitchmen earned my respect. In a single episode, I was no longer annoyed with these commercials selling a magic putty, drill mounted hole diggers and other seemingly crazy products. I was now mesmerized with Billy Mays and his producer Anthony Sullivan for the process of finding products that thought would be useful in our lives. The insight into the process of finding products to pitch, the effort put into giving the consumer maximum value was eye opening. The Pitchmen series quickly became a 'must see' show along with Deadliest Catch and Man Vs Food.

Billy Mays made many peoples dreams come true. He spent his life bringing other peoples inventions to a very broad market. Billy put everything he had into closing the sale, no matter what the product was. What an inspiration to us aspiring entrepreneurs.

On June 28th 2009, Billy Mays was found unresponsive by his wife. The fascinating pitch man had passed. With my new found respect for his booming voice telling me why I need Oxy Clean or Kaboom, I will truly miss this man yelling at me about his latest product.

Discover Channel will be airing a tribute show to Billy on on July 9th.

May GOD bless your soul, Billy Mays!

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