Monday, July 20, 2009

The Full Plate Diet

As I was reading the Monday Morning Memo this morning, Roy introduced us to a new book by the name of The Full Plate Diet. I am not big on the idea of chasing diet fads and looking for easy answers to all of life's problems. Everyone knows that the trick to losing weight is simple math, burn more calories than you take in. Even though it seems so simple I have the hardest time feeding myself and my family healthy foods and getting the exorcise we need. You can read all the diet books in the world and nothing will help you until you are ready to make a change to your own behavior and self control.

After I read the memo my interest and curiosity was peaked. Just like any hungry fish in the sea, I took the bait and ordered up my pre-release free copy. The only catch is that they want feedback on how it worked. Now as a taker of the free pre-release copy, I agree to share my thoughts and experience using this diet method. Therefor, this is the beginning of a new journey which will document here for the record.

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  1. Cary,
    I should have your free advanced reading copy of the Full Plate Diet by now and trust you are finding it more than a fad diet. You're correct, you will most likely make changes when you are ready. I hope you and your family are ready because I'm looking forward hearing about your journey into the world of fiber.
    All best,
    Amy with the Full Plate Diet