Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Big Foamy Head

Big Foamy Head is a Podcast series focused on my favorite subject, barbecue and beer. Big Foamy Head features entertaining commentary with in-depth coverage of cooking techniques and recipes. The well chosen blues tunes help break up the intensity of the long shows. Host Dick Pepper does a great job describing the details of his cooking including what he is doing and why. From beer can chicken to grilled pizza, from off the shelf to home brewed beer, Big Foamy Head provides great variety and entertaining Podcasts.

Each show is available for download or you can subscribe to the Podcast using attunes or other RSS capable MP3 players. Subscribing provides the convenience of automatic downloads every time a new show is posted. Don't have an IPod? Neither do I.. You can download the show to your computer and open it with Windows Media Player, Real Player, ITunes (IPod not required, this is my method of choice).

Don't miss another show, go to Big Foamy Head and start enjoying one of the worlds first barbecue Podcasts now.

Oklahoma Joes Pit Boss Game

Oklahoma Joe has a new game posted on their site made especially for us barbecue freaks.
SimSmoker is a "strategy" game, not an "action" game. You must take the initiative—after all, you're the cook!
You have to light the fire, prep the meat with a choice of mops and rubs, tend to the fire, drink your beer, and serve the fine food on the dining table all while fighting the elements of nature. This is not an easy game but I highly recommend wasting a little time with it. (hat tip: Dirk41)