Thursday, January 14, 2010

Growing Peppers from Seed

Every year I plan to grow a variety of peppers and every year passes without any gorgeous pepper plants bearing the fruit of fire. This year, it will happen!

Here is the plan.. When starting from seeds, they must first be germinated. I will start by germinating the seeds using the paper towel and plastic bag method as documented at Once the seeds have sprouted they will need to be moved to a soil for growing. I am thinking of transferring the germinated seedling to flower flats in a currently unoccupied fish tank for light and temperature control. After the pepper plants have begun to grow and the weather warms up, they will moved outdoors for some of mother natures sunlight and spring rain.

As a first timer, I think a few pepper varieties will be enough to keep my hands full. The line will consist of jalapeno, bhut jolokia (AKA king cobra chile, naga jolokia, Dorset naga, naga morich, ghost chili), habanero, sweet banana and some beefsteak tomatoes to round things out.

Those of you who have grown your own, do you start from seeds or buy seedlings?

Any tricks to making sure the seeds germinate?
Any recommended sources for buying seeds?

Pictures and updates to come as things progress...


  1. Hello,

    Nice blog! Sounds like you have a plan that will work well!

    This site has a growing guide and some seeds too -

    I image the weather in Texas is pretty hot so the species you are selecting are fine.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Cary, I am going onto my umpteenth year growing peppers. And I think you ahve a pretty good plan, the only issue I see is that growing in a fish tank, you will want to make sure you get enough air circulation to prevent damping off. I grow from seeds and have done so for years. Living in Texas, I imagine you will be starting your seeds soon to get them out by April or so? Good growing, hopefully I will be starting seeds in the next month to get them out by late April.