Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2008 Barbecue Season Wrap-Up

This is a quick wrap-up of the 2008 season. Out of 6 events, we placed a total of 13 top ten finishes. Of these 13 top tens, there were three 1st places, one 3rd place, one 4th place, one 6th place, three 7th places, two 9th places and two 10th places. This was a good year overall with some good times and some bad times. We endured some very crazy weather and even a flood but still managed to leave every event with at least one reward. Looking forward, we are very excited about the 2009 season as we will be chasing a few bigger events this year and even try to hit some Texas State Championships cook-offs. As always, we are willing to promote the good name of any business that wishes to support the efforts of the Sograte BBQ team.

13 top ten finishes out of 6 events

4th Buffalo Springs Lake Buffalo Wing BBQ, Lubbock, TX
Date: 4-26-08
Number of Teams: 51

Brisket, 7th
Pork Spare Ribs, 6th
Buffalo wings, 9th

Homer's Backyard Ball BBQ, Amarillo, TX
Date: 5-17-08
Number of Teams: 79

Brisket, 10th
Chicken, 9th

Odessa, TX
Date: Not sure
Number of Teams: Not sure, 30ish

Brisket, 10th

No Adult Supervision BBQ Cookoff, Tahoka, TX
July 26, 2008
Number of Teams: 31

Brisket, 7th
Ribs 7th

High Plains Epilepsy BBQ Cookoff, Lubbock, TX
August 2, 2008
Number of Teams: 5

Brisket, 1st
Ribs, 3rd
Chicken, 1st
Beans, 1st
High Point winner

Bruce Thornton AC BBQ Battle, Lubbock, TX
Date: 8-16-08

Chicken, 4th (Ashlee's Chicken)

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