Friday, April 29, 2005

How do you Smoke a Brisket

By far, the most commonly asked question from anybody that is interested in barbeque is "how do you smoke a brisket?" Well, I am a Texan, born and raised - so brisket is like lunch meat to me. No big deal. I never realized that cooking brisket was such a mystery to the rest of the world. When you grow up around, you just think that it is something that everybody does.

I have cooked my share of briskets and learned many lessons. The best thing that I have learned is that you never know enoough of cooking brisket. Every brisket cooks differently and every day the fire burns differently. All leasons learned and all things known, the biggest trick is knowing the cooker that you are using. Experinece is the key. The more you use your cooker, the more you will learn to control the heat. Once you are able to get the heat stablized for long periods of time, you are going to begin making some great barbeque.

With that said, I have found of couple of websites describe in great detail some methods for cooking brisket. I would never be able to explain it as good as

While I do not necessarily agree with everything, This is a great article on the art of brisket. BBQ MADE SIMPLE

Find answers to the following questions:
How do you choose a good brisket to cook?
Do I cook the brisket with the fat side up or down?
Should I wrap a brisket during the cooking process?
How long and at what temperature do I need to cook a brisket?
My brisket is burned or dried out, what happened?
Do you cook the flat the same as the entire brisket?
Do you mop your brisket when cooking?
How to slice the brisket?

Danny's Barbeque also has a great article, written using his years resturant exerinence.

Just remember while everybody has different techniques, seasonings and styles.. the only thing that is required for that perfect brisket is to cook it at low temperatures (around 225°) for at least 1 hour per pound.

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