Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Nice Change

My Niece is in town for the holidays and asks her favorite uncle to cook some steaks. I go to the store and browse the meat market. I soon leave with a sack of large baking taters, a 4.5lb boneless rib roast, fresh mushrooms and a white onion. Now it is time to crack open a cold Coors Light and get to work.

As soon as I got home, I sliced the roast into steaks (about 1.25" thick) and stored the freshly cut meat in a mixture I called marinade. While the steaks sat in their liquid I sliced the fresh mushrooms and wrapped them in foil with butter, a dash of garlic salt and cooking wine. I did the same for the onion. I finished it all up with a big swig of icy cold golden brew.

After the steaks have soaked in their little flavor bath for a couple of hours it was time to light the grill and pop the top on another adult beverage. Now this is the type of event that would normally call for the kettle with some mesquite setting on top of a bed of coals. Unfortunately I did not have the coals, or the desire to make another trip to the store. The gas grill will have to suffice.

Once the grill was nice and hot, I put the mushrooms and onions on and let them begin to saute. I put some mesquite chunks on the grill after the mushrooms and onions had been on the grill about 10 minutes. Open more liquid refreshment. I placed the steaks on the smoky grill ever so gently, flipping them after cooking for 4 minutes. Once the flip side was nicely browned, the steaks were removed at a beautiful and tasty medium rare.

The dinner bell rang out and the family came a running. The steaks were served with a fresh salad, baked potatoes and the sauted mushrooms and onions offered on the side. Everyone enjoyed a nice change from all of the left over ham and fried turkey.

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